Cold Laser Therapy

At Mosier-Timperly Chiropractic we offer additional therapies including the use of the low level laser, or more commonly referred to as a “cold laser” or simply “laser therapy”.

Cold Laser therapy can be used to speed up the body’s healing process. When used in conjunction with proper chiropractic adjustment, the many areas of patient symptoms and healing times improve 50-60% faster because the laser light initiates increased circulation, regeneration and natural processes within the body.

So what are the most common problems or areas treated with the cold laser?

  1.  Shoulders
  2.  Sciatica
  3.  Stiff Neck
  4.  Knees
  5.  Low Back

In each of these areas the laser can be used to treat pain, assist with range of motion, healing and more.

Cold lasers are different than the more publicized heat lasers used in many surgical procedures to cut and cauterize tissue. However, even though less people know about them, and even fewer are professionally qualified to use them, low level lasers have been in use for over 25 years.  Best of all, there are no known negative side effects of using this therapy to assist our patients.

In addition to the areas listed above, the cold laser also provides special benefits such as better body function and less dependency on prescription medication to alleviate symptoms.  Just like with chiropractic care, we look to solve the problem, not just mask the symptoms with drugs. 

Low level laser therapy is very non-invasive, painless, and very cost effective.

To find out more or to see if laser therapy may be a good fit for your care plan, simply ask one of our staff on your next visit!